Community extension services in mental health is one of the major trust areas of the Institution. These extension services bring the limited mental health professionals from the hospital set up to the community, with an objective of covering and serving the larger mentally ill population. These services are primarily meant for those underprivileged and venerable segments of the society who are located far away from any mental health setup.
Currently there are four community extension clinics run by the Institute.

Community Extension Programmes:

1. Missionary of Charity (Tezpur) Extension Clinic: This service was started in 2007 at the Missionary of Charity, Tezpur, about 4 Km away from LGBRIMH. It is scheduled on the first Wednesday of every month. Apart from being destitute, the patients of this centre have been suffering from mental illness and epilepsy.

2. Sootea Extension Clinic: Psychiatric extension services at Sootea PHC, as part of the NMHP research project, was started in 2007. The centre is located at a distance of 60 Km away from LGBRIMH. The camp is held regularly on second Thursday of every month. Attached to this centre is also three Self-Help Group of care-givers in three villages of the Sootea Block.

The psychiatric extension service which was held at Biswanath Chariali Civil Hospital has been amalgamated with the Sootea Extension Clinic. The Biswanath Chariali Clinic was started in April 2001, about 80 Km away from LGBRIMH.

3. Darrang College Counselling Service: Students counseling services at Darrang College, Tezpur was started in 2005. It is held once in a month from August to December every year.

4. Tezpur University Counselling Service: The students counseling services at Tezpur University, Napaam,Tezpur was started in November, 2009. It is held once in a month from August to December every year.

Communication Address:

Name :          Dr. Sonia P. Deuri, MSW, M.Phil , Ph. D.
Designation:   HOD & Professor, Dept. of Psychiatric Social Work
Phone:          (03712) 233088


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