The Indoor treatment team consists of Psychiatrist, Senior Resident, Junior Resident, Psychiatric Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatric Nursing staff including ward sisters and staff nurses.    

 The functional bed strength of the hospital is 336 beds.  Out of these, 246 beds are reserved for male and 90 beds for female patients. Among them 21 beds are reserved for Jail Cases. The Indoor provides regular patient care services including medication and check-up, hygienic and nutritious diet, laundered clothes, recreation facilities and other basic amenities. Facility of a mini Operation Theatre is also provided for emergency surgical treatment.

         The Indoor has provision of visiting room for the guardians and relatives to meet their wards. Counseling services are provided to the guardians during their visits and at the time of discharge of the patient.          

         Hygienic food is served to the patients.  Calories intake ranges from 2500 to 3000 for each patient. All the admitted patients are provided with a modern hospital bed, mattress and laundered uniforms. Saloon services are also made available in the Indoor.

Recreational and Entertainment Facilities:

         The Indoor has a recreational hall along with a stage and a mini library. Patients regularly gather to read newspapers, magazines and books, enjoy music and television programmes. Outdoor games include volleyball and football. During morning hours the patients undergo P.T exercise and yoga.

         The Institute celebrates various festivals including Durga puja, Idd, Bihu and Christmas.  Patients are encouraged to take part in the rituals Sweets and fruit packages are distributed to the patients on such occasions.

         The Independence Day and Republic Day are regularly organised in the Indoor campus. Ssports activities including indoor and outdoor games are held during such occasions. Both the patients and staff participate in the games, followed by prize distribution ceremony.

Communication Address:

Name:           Dr. Kushal Kr. Tamuli, DNB(Psy) (LGBRIMH , Gauhati University)
Designation:   Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Contact:       (03712) 233286, Fax : (03712) 233623
E-mail ID:

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