These services provide a supportive, stable and structured program, utilizing a community approach to work that allows patients an opportunity to strengthen, identify and maximize their potential based on skills, abilities and rehabilitation needs.

The rehabilitation services of the Institute which were earlier carried out in the Indoor Department has now been shifted to the newly constructed Rehabilitation Centre in the campus. Currently, the activities of the Centre includes physiotherapy services, rehabilitation needs assessment and counseling, skills training, skills development, job support initiatives, facilitating activities of daily living, psychoeducation, behavioural intervention, supportive and self-oriented interventions, family education, case management and environmental interventions.

Occupation therapy includes tailoring and embroidery, knitting and stitching, art & craft, wood & bamboo work, gardening, envelop making and a literary section.


  • To develop means, models and ways to set up infrastructure with active participation of the society so that the needy patients will be rehabilitated in a human and meaningful way.
  •  To introduce training programmes and create such manpower which is required at various levels to handle such rehabilitative projets.

 Communication Address:

Name :         Dr. Sonia P. Deuri, MSW, M.Phil , Ph. D.
Designation:  HOD & Professor and I/C Centre for Rehabiliation Sciences,Dept. of Psychiatric Social Work
Phone:          (03712) 233088

Name :          Dr. Arif Ali, MSW, M.Phil, Ph.D
Designation:   Assistant Professor & Rehabilitation Officer, Dept. of Psychiatric Social Work
Phone:          (03712) 233091
E-mail ID:

Name :          Mr. Utpal Borah, B.P.T
Designation:   Physiotherapist
E-mail ID:

Name :          Mrs. Shyamolee Borah,
Designation:   Occupational Therapist
E-mail ID:      

Name :          Mr. Vivek Sarmah, BSLPA
Designation:   Speech Therapist
E-mail ID:      


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